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I recently had the chance to smoke the Asylum Menace Gordo, a genuinely exceptional cigar. I have written a review of my experience below. This content uses referral links.

Asylum Menace Gordo

I received the Asylum Menace Gordo in a recent Cigar of the Month Club shipment, and it was a truly excellent cigar. I have had a good run of great cigars from Cigar of the Month Club lately.

A Honduran cigar with Honduran leaf filler and binder and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, it was a smooth, easy smoke that I highly recommend.

The Label 

As you can see from the picture above, the label was beautiful. It was fitting for a cigar of this quality. 

3/3 points

Look and Condition of the Asylum Menace Gordo

The cigar had some minor flaws in its appearance, particularly wrinkling of the wrapper leaf toward its foot. These small imperfections notwithstanding, it was a nice-looking, well-constructed cigar.

6/7 points

Wrapper Feel

The wrapper felt solid on the squeeze, but I found some inconsistencies and soft spots. It was, however, no great cause for concern, except perhaps to suggest that there would be some inconsistent burning as the smoke progressed through parts of the cigar.

Fortunately, this fear proved to be unfounded.

2/3 points

Wrapper Aroma 

The wrapper of the Asylum Menace Gordo smelled of sweet cream. It was smoothly intoxicating and a good indication of things to come. 

3/3 points

The Cut

The cut produced some minor fraying. So, while it wasn’t perfect, it nonetheless did not create a mess or otherwise compromise the integrity of the cigar.

1/1 point

The Light

The cigar lit up evenly with little effort.

1/1 point

The Draw

The draw of the Asylum Menace Gordo was absolutely perfect for a cigar of its size. I was able to pull just the right amount of smoke out of this 60-ring-gauge cigar with just enough effort to make the smoke satisfying but not enough to cause me any trouble.

The draw could not have been any better.

5/5 points

The Retrohale

The flavor of the smoke in the nose was smooth and creamy. It moved through my sinuses without irritation and was, quite simply, perfect.

9/9 points

Flavor on the Palette

The Asylum Menace Gordo was undeniably delicious. It was a light-bodied smoke with flavors of cream and cedar. It was a bit plain, but it was excellent, nonetheless.

Combined with the smooth draw and my favorable disposition for large cigars, the Asylum Menace Gordo was an excellent cigar that I could smoke again and again.

18/21 points

Aroma of the Smoke

Following the initial light, the Asylum Menace Gordo had a smooth aroma of cedar and cream. It was perfect and probably the best smelling cigar I’ve smoked in quite a long time.

7/7 points

The Burn

The burn was nearly perfect. While it lacked the illusive razor-sharp burn line, it burned evenly and consistently throughout the smoke, providing no cause for complaint or dissatisfaction.

2/2 points

The Ash

The consistency and strength of the ash were just ok. It did not maintain the durability and consistency I like to see, but it didn’t cause me any trouble, either.

1/1 point

Effects of the Smoke 

As I have written before, different people react to different cigars differently. For me, I don’t care for the nicotine-high that many cigar lovers enjoy. I like a cigar that leaves me feeling relaxed and mellow but that doesn’t interfere with the rest of my day.

In this regard, the Asylum Menace Gordo was perfect. It left me relaxed and mellow, but that’s it.

30/30 points

No Loose Tobacco 

There was some initial fraying after the cut. After that, however, no loose bits of tobacco made their way into my mouth during the smoke. 

7/7 points

Final Grade of the Asylum Menace Gordo 

The Asylum Menace Gordo was an excellent smoke. It was expertly constructed with the perfect draw, a hard feat to achieve with a cigar of its size.

At $5.13 per cigar at thompsoncigar.com, it’s reasonably priced, for sure.

I loved this cigar. My initial calculations yielded a score of 95. I added an additional point, however, on account of my love for large-gauged cigars and the difficulty associated with constructing one as good as this.

Final Grade: 96 / A

Cigar of the Month Club  

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The opportunity to try a variety of high-quality cigars and to learn more about cigars in general through the accompanying tasting notes has been an invaluable experience for me. I have enjoyed being a member of the club for the past several years, and I’d recommend it to anyone with interest in cigars.

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