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I recently smoked the Camacho Corojo Robusto, a decent cigar at a fair price. This content uses referral links.

Camacho Corojo Robusto

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I have been going through my humidor at a decent clip during the pandemic, and the Camacho Corojo Robusto is one of the old cigars that I found. I’m not quite sure where it came from, but I have reviewed it below.

Camacho Corojo Robusto 

A Honduran cigar with a Corojo wrapper, this was a nice smoke. Though I wouldn’t consider it a top-tier stick by any stretch, it was a decent cigar all the way through. 

I enjoyed it with a glass of Johnny Walker: The White Walker Edition that I picked up from Flaviar, and they went together quite well. I think, however, that a stronger scotch would have paired even better.

In my grading system and review below, I have adopted the Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado method. It provides an excellent system for keeping track of my favorite smokes, and I recommend it to any cigar smoker.

Length of the Cigar

It took me about one hour and fifteen minutes to smoke through this cigar.

Look of the Label

As the picture indicates, the label was ok. It was, however, too big, which required me to take it off before I started smoking. I don’t like that.

2/3 points

Camacho Corojo Robusto’s Condition 

The Camacho Corojo Robusto was well constructed overall. It looked pretty solid and well-made. Its shape, however, did appear a bit warped.

6/7 points

Feel of the Cigar 

This cigar felt inconsistent, with some places firmer than others. It felt like there may have been some minor flaws in the roll, but it wasn’t anything too extreme.

2/3 points

Aroma of the Wrapper 

The pre-lit cigar smelled terrific. The aroma was of earth and coffee, and it was incredibly smooth.

3/3 points

The Cut 

The cut was perfect. I was able to slice off the cap quickly and without issue, leaving the structure of the cigar completely intact.

1/1 point

Lighting the Camacho Corojo Robusto 

The Camacho Corojo Robusto lit up fairly easily, though it started a bit uneven.

1/1 point

The Draw 

The draw on the cigar began a bit too tough. Eventually, however, it eased up and remained that way through the rest of the smoke.

4/5 points


On the retrohale, the Camacho Corojo Robusto had hints of black pepper. The flavor wasn’t anything extraordinary, but it was nice.

6/9 points

Camacho Corojo Robusto’s Flavor 

On the cold draw, I picked up flavors of earth. After the light, the Camacho Corojo Robusto was dark with strong hints of black pepper. It was surprisingly mellow despite its strong character.

It was an interesting flavor profile, but too confused and lacking in clear direction.

15/21 points

Aroma of the Smoke 

After the initial light, the cigar’s smoke smelled of earth and coffee. It was just a bit too heavy and too intense for my taste.

5/7 points

The Burn 

The burn started just a little uneven at first, which is not atypical of premium cigars. It quickly evened out, however, and burned evenly and smoothly the rest of the way.

2/2 points

The Ash 

The ash was fine. It was nothing impressive, but it also didn’t cause any trouble.

1/1 point

Effect of the Smoke 

I know that this is a bit of an odd category to consider. As the author of The Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado notes, however, if the best-tasting cigar in the world makes you sick, it’s not a great cigar for you. 

This area is, therefore, very personal. Some low-quality cigars will make most people sick. Still, when you’re talking about premium cigars, different people will react differently to different cigars.

The Camacho Corojo Robusto left me feeling relaxed and mellow, precisely what I want.

30/30 points

Camacho Corojo Robusto’s Tobacco 

The Camacho Corojo Robusto showed itself to be well-made here. No flakes of tobacco found their way into my mouth at any point during the smoke.

7/7 points

Camacho Corojo Robusto Bonus Points

While there was nothing overly extraordinary about this smoke, it was enjoyable throughout, and I smoked it down to the nub. Given how much I enjoyed the experience, I thought this merited a bonus point. +1

Camacho Corojo Robusto’s Final Grade 

Overall, this was a decent cigar. It was well-constructed, with an enjoyable, if not extraordinary, taste. At $7.75 per stick, it’s a fair, if not great value.

Final Grade: 86 / B

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