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I recently had the opportunity to sample the Casa Torano Robusto, an excellent cigar that I have reviewed below. This content uses referral links.

Casa Torano Robusto

A recent shipment from Cigar of the Month included the Casa Torano Robusto. This was a great cigar.

A Honduran cigar with a blend of Honduran, Mexican, and Nicaraguan filler, a Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut shade wrapper, the Casa Torano Robusto made for a great smoke.

Cigar of the Month recommends pairing it with coffee or a Cabernet. Per my usual habit, I enjoyed mine with a cup of coffee.

In my grading system and review below, I have adopted the Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado method. It provides an excellent system for keeping track of my favorite smokes, and I recommend it to any cigar smoker.

Look of the Label

As the picture indicates, the label was eloquent but a bit busy for my taste. I don’t remove the label from my cigar until the burn line progresses enough to warm the glue, making it easier to remove. I don’t like to risk damaging the wrapper early, so I don’t care for having to keep on labels that are bit over-the-top.

2/3 points

Condition of the Casa Torano Robusto

The Casa Torano Robusto was a beautiful cigar with some very minor flaws, such as a bit of wrinkling near the foot and a few superficial holes in the wrapper.

6/7 points

Feel of the Wrapper

The wrapper felt perfect. It was solid but a bit spongy, as well, having just the right amount of give on the squeeze with excellent bounce-back.

3/3 points

Aroma of the Wrapper

The pre-lit cigar had a smooth aroma with hints of cream and earth. I love Connecticut shade wrappers, and this one did not disappoint. It smelled wonderful from the very beginning.

3/3 points

The Cut

The cut was not quite perfect. The blade hesitated a bit slicing through the cap, but it did not create any issues. The cigar maintained its structural integrity throughout.

1/1 point

The Light

The Casa Torano Robusto lit easily and without issue.

1/1 point

The Draw

The draw was a bit tough for my taste in the beginning. After a little bit, however, it loosened up and settled into a perfect, easy draw with just the right amount of resistance.

4/5 points

The Retrohale 

On the retrohale, the Casa Torano Robusto was smooth and light with the strong taste of cream in the nose. It was mellow enough to pass through my sinuses without causing any irritation.

Here, the Casa Torano Robusto was perfect.

9/9 points

Flavor of the Smoke on the Palate

The Casa Torano Robusto had flavors of cream and spice on the pallet. It was smooth, mellow, and delicious from beginning to end.

18/21 points

The Aroma of the Smoke

The cigar smelled of sweet cream and spice. The aroma was wonderfully mellow.

7/7 points

The Burn

The burn started out a bit uneven but quickly settled into a perfect consistency that lasted throughout the entire cigar. I never had to relight it, touch it up, or otherwise worry about it. It was an extremely low-maintenance smoke.

2/2 points

The Ash

The ash started out great at first, but after the first bit fell off, it became too loose, and I had to monitor it to make sure it didn’t fall off into my lap.

0/1 point

Bodily Sensation From the Smoke

The cigar was perfect on this front. It left me relaxed and mellow but otherwise unaffected. This is precisely how I like my cigars to leave me feeling.

30/30 points

No Loose Tobacco

The Casa Torano Robusto was a well-made cigar. No flakes of tobacco ever found their way into my mouth, even in the beginning right after the cut.

7/7 points

Final Grade

This was a fantastic cigar, and I loved every bit of it from beginning to end. The Connecticut-shade wrapper perfectly complimented the sweet and mellow flavor of the fillers. At $4.72 per cigar, it’s also a good value for its quality.

I loved this cigar and cannot recommend it enough.

Final Grade: 93 / A

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