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Nothing promotes good conversation better than cigars. Smoking may not make you cool, but smoking cigars may make you a better person.


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Nothing promotes good conversation better than cigars. Sitting down with someone and enjoying a good cigar together does more than anything else I know to build relationships in the shortest amount of time.

Smoking a good cigar puts you at ease and forces you to sit still for forty-five minutes to an hour at a time. Do it with someone else, and you have two people at ease in each other’s company. The cigars themselves serve as good icebreakers to get the conversation going.

Unlike alcohol, cigars don’t alter your mind, turning you into a caricature of yourself. No one regrets what they do under the influence of cigars. Cigars are, therefore, the real social lubricant, and they should be promoted as such.

I love cigars. I enjoy smoking them by myself, and I write about cigars frequently. They are an excellent source of enjoyment all by themselves. 

But nothing is better than enjoying a good cigar with good company. Appreciating the experience with someone else makes cigars that much better. The experience of smoking a cigar alone is entirely different than the experience of smoking cigars with others. 

While there are, of course, health risks associated with smoking cigars, most people smoke cigars socially, and, among those who smoke alone, few smoke with the same habitual compulsion as cigarette smokers. I can easily go weeks or months without smoking a cigar. 

The social aspect of cigars is important. That level of interaction and deep, distraction-free conversation that cigars promote is severely lacking today. That’s one reason I don’t care to visit cigar lounges with televisions playing in the background. 

That quiet stillness that comes with smoking a cigar gives me all the relaxation I need to make it through the day, and, if I can do it with others, all the better.

Smoking may not make you cool, but smoking cigars may make you a better person.

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