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Who are the 8 percent of Democrats who like Trump?

Democrats who like Trump

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The most recent Gallup poll shows Donald Trump with an approval rating of 49 percent, an all-time high. This is unsurprising, as Presidential approval numbers tend to rise during a crisis.

What is interesting to me, however, is the breakdown. That 93 percent of Republicans approve is to be expected, but I was struck by the fact that 8 percent of Democrats approve of the President’s job performance.

Who Are These People?

Who are these Democrats who like Trump? While the number is obviously low, the fact that Donald Trump, perhaps the most polarizing President in modern history, can register any support across the aisle is a bit baffling.

This poll states that almost one in ten Democrats likes Trump. I cannot help but wonder why these people still consider themselves Democrats? It seems like it would be difficult to reconcile yourself ideologically with the principles of the Democratic Party and the person and policy of Donald Trump.

I get the Republicans who don’t approve of Trump. He was essentially a Democrat before running for President, is crass, and is largely antithetical toward the traditional conservative idea of what a President should be in everything but actual policy (which, to be fair, is not nothing).

Democrats Who Like Trump?

Democrats who like Trump, though, that remains a mystery to me. Party affiliation is a fickle thing, I suppose. Independents switch back and forth from one party to another as elections roll around, so I get that a lot of people who voted for Barrack Obama then voted for Trump.

It’s difficult to understand, however, how someone identifying as a Democrat could then not only vote for Donald Trump but approve of him. There’s a difference between holding your nose and voting for the lesser of two evils and actually declaring yourself to be a fan.

Who are these one in ten Democrats who like Donald Trump? Even accounting for the traditional conservativism and anti-trade positions of the old blue-collar Democrats, I must admit that it’s still a mystery to me.

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