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In this post, I discuss those who would disown family members over political beliefs.

Disown Family Members 

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I have come across various social media posts over the last several weeks in which individuals claim to disown family members who have subscribed to a political ideology the poster finds offensive. One mother, for example, said that her son had joined “Team Trump,” and he was, therefore, “dead to me.”

I would like to think that these people are merely trolls attempting to garner attention, perhaps using shock value to create a viral post. Unfortunately, however, I don’t have a lot of confidence in that assessment, particularly with—predominantly leftist—publications encouraging people to disassociate themselves from family members with differing political beliefs.

I understand that politics has become an all-consuming sport for many, but for it to take the place of family and become a kind of religion is troubling.

How debased do we have to grow as a society for us to get where we will disown family members because they vote differently than us?

My children occupy a place in my heart that is incomparable to everything else. I cannot imagine disowning them for any reason. I love them with every fiber of my being.

I have even included here one of my daughter’s YouTube video. I understand few other people will find this as enjoyable as I do, but when I watch this video, I am proud and overwhelmed with the love that I have for both her and my son.

On what basis could I ever disown her? I cannot imagine.

On top of that, I have many friends who vote differently than I do, and I have no problem maintaining friendships with them, as obnoxious and wrongheaded as I find their political inclinations to be.

To the political junkies who have made politics the central sphere of purpose around which the rest of their lives and identities revolve, I say, Get over yourselves. It’s politics. It’s not that big a deal.

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