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I recently had the chance to try the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro, a truly exceptional cigar. My review is below. This content uses referral links.

Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro

I received the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro in a recent Cigar of the Month Club shipment. It was a genuinely extraordinary smoke.

A Dominican cigar with a mixture of Cameroon, Brazilian, and Dominican long-fillers, an Indonesian binder, and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro is an excellent cigar with the perfect blending of tobaccos for a profoundly delicious smoke.

I can say with little hesitation that the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro is one of the best cigars that I have ever had.

The Label  

The label was beautiful and intricately detailed. (I, unfortunately, forgot to take a picture at the beginning of the smoke as I normally do, but you can find a picture of its label here.) 

3/3 points 

Look and Condition of the Cigar 

The cigar had a claro leaf color with a smooth appearance. There was some wrinkling and some apparent, though flat, veins. It wasn’t perfect, but the flaws were minimal.

6/7 points 

Wrapper Feel 

The wrapper had an excellent give with solid consistency. There were some minor inconsistencies in the cigar’s firmness, with some places a bit spongier than I like. 

2/3 points 

Wrapper Aroma 

The aroma of the wrapper was smooth and creamy with hints of vanilla. It was an extraordinary precursor of things to come. 

3/3 points 

The Cut 

The cut was, quite simply, perfect. I was able to slice through the cap without any issue or fraying. The integrity of the cigar remained completely intact. 

1/1 point 

The Light 

The cigar lit up reasonably easily without much issue. 

1/1 point 

The Draw 

The draw was a bit too tough for me in the beginning, but, after an inch or so, it settled into a perfect state. The draw became smooth and effortless without falling flat. 

A bit off at first, it quickly settled into a perfection that lasted the remainder of the smoke. 

4/5 points 

Flavor in the Nose 

The flavor of the smoke in the nose was smooth with hints of pepper and toast. The smoke passed through my nasal passages without causing any irritation, allowing me to appreciate the subtle flavors of the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro more fully. 

9/9 points 

Flavor on the Palette 

Here, the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro truly excelled. It was a light to medium-bodied smoke, strong enough to make its presence known but not so strong as to be overpowering. It was the perfect cigar for me.

I tasted a strong toast taste with lighter hints of cream and perhaps nuts.

I love cigars with Connecticut wrappers, and the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro is perfectly representative of my tastes.

The Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro was just simply and perfectly delicious. It was one of the best-tasting cigars I’ve ever had. 

21/21 points 

Aroma of the Smoke 

Following the initial light, the cigar had a pleasant, creamy aroma with a bit of pepper. It was one of the best smelling cigars I’ve ever experienced.

7/7 points 

The Burn 

The burn started a bit unevenly, but it quickly evened out and then burned perfectly throughout the remainder of the smoke. I never had to worry about its going out. It burned consistently and smoothly without issue. 

If the burn line was not razor-sharp, it was close. 

2/2 points 

The Ash 

The ash was reasonably solid. It wasn’t the perfect consistency that I aesthetically enjoy, but it didn’t interfere with the quality of the smoke.  

1/1 point 

Sensation of the Smoke 

As I have written many times before, this area is very subjective. Whether you prefer that nicotine high feeling or only a smooth relaxation will determine which cigars make your list of favorites. 

I don’t like the nicotine-high. I prefer a cigar that leaves me relaxed but ready to move on with my day. 

The Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro was perfect for me. It left me feeling relaxed and mellow without interfering with the rest of my day.   

30/30 points 

No Loose Tobacco  

There was some loose tobacco right at the beginning after the cut, but this is to be expected. Otherwise, the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro was perfect. It smoked cleanly and smoothly and proved the quality of its construction. 

7/7 points 

Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro Final Grade 

As I wrote above, the Don Lino 1989 Connecticut Toro is one of the best cigars that I have ever smoked. I realize that my grade is somewhat higher than it has received elsewhere. (I give it five more points than Cigar of the Month Club, for example.)

I cannot account for this minor discrepancy. All I know is that I loved this cigar, and I hope that I can smoke another one real soon. At $4.39 per cigar at Cigar of the Month Club, I just might be able to get my hands on some more.

It is an excellent price for the quality. 

Final Grade: 97 / A+ 

Cigar of the Month Club   

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(There’s also a more expensive Rare Cigar Club available, for those who are interested.) 

The opportunity to try a variety of such high-quality cigars and to learn more about cigars through the accompanying tasting notes has been an invaluable experience for me. I have enjoyed being a member for the past several years, and I recommend giving it a try. 

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