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I recently smoked the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2. It was not good. This content uses referral links.

Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2

I recently smoked the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2. It’s been in my humidor for a while, and I can’t recall how I came about it. But I finally got around to smoking it.

It was not good.

A Nicaraguan cigar with Nicaraguan and Honduran Ligero blend fillers and a Corojo Ligero maduro wrapper, out of the cellophane, it had all the indications of a great cigar. Unfortunately, I would be disappointed.

In my grading system and review below, I have adopted the Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado method. It provides an excellent system for keeping track of my favorite smokes, and I recommend it to any cigar smoker.

Look of the Label

As the picture shows, the label was interesting but over-the-top and a bit much for me.

2/3 points

Condition of the Cigar

The cigar started off promising. It had a beautiful oily sheen and appeared to be well constructed. It was an attractive cigar.

7/7 points

Feel of the Wrapper

Again, all signs pointed toward excellence. The wrapper felt solid but not too firm. It had just the right amount of give, which was consistent throughout. Everything about it looked and felt perfect.

3/3 points

Aroma of the Wrapper

The aroma of the wrapper on the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 continued the promising trend. Its aroma was light with earth and strong cedar notes. It smelled, quite simply, terrific.

3/3 points

The Cut

The cut, too, was perfect. I was able to remove the cap without issue, and the cigar maintained its incredible structural integrity.

1/1 point

The Light

The Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 lit up quickly and without issue. It took right to the flame and gave me no trouble at all.

1/1 point

The Draw

The draw also indicated that the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 was a well-constructed cigar. It started out perfectly and maintained an impeccable draw throughout, giving just the right amount of resistance.

Again, perfection.

5/5 points

Flavor of the Smoke in the Nose 

Once I began sampling the flavors of the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2, it started to fall apart for me (not literally).

The retrohale provided a robust peppery flavor. It was ok, but it was a bit much for my taste.

6/9 points

Flavor of the Smoke on the Palate

On the palate, the red pepper flavor of the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 became overpowering. It was like eating a salad after zoning out and failing to tell the waiter, “When.”

It was too much and did not allow any other tastes to come forward.

While it mellowed out a bit as the smoke progressed, I never could identify any other flavors. It was just strong red pepper from beginning to end.

The red pepper overpowered everything else. The notes of cedar I detected on the wrapper before I lit up and to which I was looking forward to experiencing never became apparent.

It wasn’t a terribly tasting cigar, but it wasn’t great, either.

15/21 points

The Aroma of the Smoke

I could detect the cedar in the aroma from the smoke itself after the initial light. Again, however, the pepper was a bit too strong.

This cigar just wasn’t to my tastes.

5/7 points

The Burn

The cigar was obviously incredibly well put together from beginning to end. The burn started out a bit uneven at first, but it quickly moved through it. After that, it was perfect.

2/2 points

The Ash

The ash was too loose and fell on me without warning.

0/1 point

Bodily Sensation From the Smoke

Here, the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 really let me down. The smoke was too strong, overpowering, and left me feeling light-headed and a bit nauseated.

While it didn’t leave me sick, as really bad, under-fermented cigars are apt to do, it was nonetheless an unpleasant experience.

I probably would not smoke this cigar again.

10/30 points

No Loose Tobacco

Again, the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 showed itself to be perfectly constructed. No loose bits of tobacco ever worked their way into my mouth.

7/7 points

Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 Final Grade

The Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 had a lot of potential. It was nearly perfectly constructed, but the taste was poor, and it left me feeling awful.

Different people react to cigars differently, however, so this grade obviously reflects my own subjective take on the cigar’s flavors. Given how well-made this cigar was, I recognize that others may love it.

But I didn’t. I was able to find it online for $5.75 per cigar, but even if they were giving it away for free, I wouldn’t want another one.

Still, I recognize that this could be a fantastic cigar for those with tastes that match the intense flavor profile the Espinosa Comfortably Numb Volume 2 offers. Given the quality of construction, I also wouldn’t hesitate to smoke a different cigar by this manufacturer.

Final Grade: 67 / D

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