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In this post, I discuss week 9 of the Army’s JAG School and my introduction to ultimate football.

ultimate football

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Week 9 of the Army’s JAG School is now behind us, and we are on the homestretch. We have just one more full week of instruction before we graduate.


This week we finished our administrative law block of instruction—though we still have some legal assistance training remaining, which is technically part of the administrative law section—and took the general administrative law exam on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday afternoon we moved into the legal assistance training we have left. We have already done sections on legal writing, estate planning, and tax earlier in the course, but we have a few more client services matters to cover before we wrap up our time in Charlottesville.

This week we covered family law and consumer law as they particularly relate to military service. Friday we had our other JAG Exercise block. As I discussed in a previous post, the class was divided into two groups for the JAGEX. I did mine a few weeks ago, so I got to sleep in on Friday. It was a pretty light day for my half of the class.

Ultimate Football

This week our class played the graduate course in ultimate football. Ultimate football is essentially ultimate Frisbee played with a football. Since ultimate Frisbee is essentially football played with a Frisbee, it is a bit of an odd game. (It does not translate back into football, as you might think.)

I understand that we used to play flag football, but that somehow changed into ultimate football. I’m not really sure why.

Next Week

Next week we finish the last of our academic exercises and assignments. We have an exam on family law Tuesday morning, and then we begin a section on claims. We also start making preparations to leave Charlottesville the following week.

I will continue to provide updates, so please feel free to check back regularly.

I provide a more expansive account of my experience at the Army JAG School in my book The JAG School Survival Guide: Succeeding at the Army’s Judge Advocate Officer Basic Course.

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