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I recently smoked the Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso, a decent but not great cigar. I have provided my full review below. This content uses referral links.

Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso

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A recent shipment from Cigar of the Month included the Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso. This was a decent but not great cigar, a solid B- smoke.

Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso

A Nicaraguan cigar made exclusively with Nicaraguan cigar, I was not nearly as impressed with it as some other reviewers. While I found it to be an adequate smoke, the flavor profile was bland and unimpressive.

Cigar of the Month recommends pairing it with a port. As is my usual habit when tasting cigars, however, I enjoyed mine with a good cup of coffee. They went together fine.

In my grading system and review below, I have adopted the Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado method. It provides an excellent system for keeping track of my favorite smokes, and I recommend it to any cigar smoker.

Look of the Label

As the picture indicates, the label was beautiful. It was well-done: detailed, yet simple.

3/3 points

Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf’s Condition

The Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso was well constructed overall. It had some minor flaws, such as spotting and wrinkling, particularly at the foot. Overall, however, it was a good-looking, albeit not beautiful, cigar.

6/7 points

Feel of the Cigar

I found the cigar to be a bit too firm. There was not much give on the squeeze, leading me to fear there would be some draw issues.

Ironically, however, as I discuss below, there were some minor problems with the draw, but not the kind I was expecting.

2/3 points

Aroma of the Wrapper

The pre-lit cigar smelled terrific. The aroma was of chocolate and coffee and suggested a much better tasting cigar than what I actually experienced.

3/3 points

The Cut

The cut was perfect. I was able to slice off the cap quickly and without issue, leaving the structure of the cigar completely intact.

1/1 point

Lighting the Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf

The Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso lit up fairly easily and without much issue.

1/1 point

The Draw

The draw was a bit too loose. Generally, when a cigar feels as firm to the touch as this one did, I fear for a tough draw. The exact opposite, however, was true here. There really just wasn’t enough resistance.

Few people like a really tough draw, but there has to be some level of resistance. Otherwise, it feels like you’re smoking nothing at all, almost like pulling air in through a straw.

Still, it wasn’t that bad, and it didn’t hurt the smoking experience too much.

4/5 points


On the retrohale, the Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso had an overpowering pepper flavor. While I picked up a bit of sweetness in there—perhaps the chocolate—the pepper drowned out everything else, except maybe some spice.

Overall, it was just abrasive and irritating to my sinuses.

3/9 points

Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf’s Flavor

The Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso had hints of coffee and spice. It should have made for a delicious smoke, but there was just something lacking in the flavor profile. I was able to pick up some nice flavors, but they were weak and drowned out in a sea of almost tasteless smoke.

It was really just kind of bland, the type of cigar you want to smoke perhaps when you’re golfing or otherwise distracted. It is, however, a cigar that will have a hard time keeping your attention on its own.

12/21 points

Aroma of the Smoke

After the initial light, the cigar’s smoke smelled of coffee. It was an overall nice smelling smoke, albeit a bit one-dimensional.

6/7 points

The Burn

The burn started off just a little uneven at first, which is not atypical of premium cigars. It quickly evened out, however, and burned evenly and smoothly the rest of the way.

2/2 points

The Ash

The ash was fine. It was nothing impressive, but it also didn’t cause any trouble.

1/1 point

Effect of the Smoke

I know that this is a bit of an odd category to consider. As the author of The Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado notes, however, if the best-tasting cigar in the world makes you sick, it’s not a great cigar for you. 

This area is, therefore, very personal. Some low-quality cigars will make most people sick. Still, when you’re talking about premium cigars, different people will react differently to different cigars.

The Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso left me feeling relaxed and mellow, precisely what I want.

30/30 points

Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf’s Tobacco

The Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf Belicoso showed itself to be well-made here. No flakes of tobacco found their way into my mouth at any point during the smoke.

7/7 points

Nica Libre & Aganorsa Leaf’s Final Grade

Overall, this was a mediocre cigar. It was well-constructed, and the taste was ok but bland. At $4.60 per stick, it’s a good value, but it’s still not one I’d go out of my way to pick up again.

Final Grade: 81 / B-

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