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I recently smoked the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill, a nice little cigar at a decent value. I have provided a full review below. This content uses referral links.

PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill

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A recent shipment from Cigar of the Month included the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill. While I did not rate it as highly as Cigar of the Month Club did, I still thought it was a nice little cigar at a decent value.

PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural

A Dominican cigar with a Dominican Criollo 98 binder and an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, this cigar made for a smooth and complex smoke.

Cigar of the Month recommends pairing it with coffee, which is precisely what I did.

In my grading system and review below, I have adopted the Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado method. It provides an excellent system for keeping track of my favorite smokes, and I recommend it to any cigar smoker.

Look of the Label

As the picture indicates, the label was well done. It was eloquent and simple.

3/3 points

PDR 1878 Cubano Especial’s Condition

The PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill came in decent but not great condition. It looked a little dry, lacking the nice oily sheen typical of high-end cigars. It also was relatively bumpy in places.

5/7 points

Feel of the Cigar

The cigar felt a bit too stiff in places. While much of it felt right, it was inconsistent, and the roll left something to be desired.

2/3 points

Aroma of the Wrapper

The pre-lit cigar smelled of earth, cream, and bitter herbs. It was a good smelling cigar, but something about it wasn’t quite to my liking. Perhaps the bitter herbs were a bit too bitter to make it all that appealing for my tastes.

2/3 points

The Cut

The cut was ok. It had a strange cap on top with no clear cap line, making it a bit tricky to find the best place to make the cut.

Nonetheless, the cut went off without issue and without damaging the structural integrity of the cigar.

1/1 point

Lighting the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial

The PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill lit up easily and without issue.

1/1 point

The Draw

The draw started off great and stayed great throughout the entire smoke. This can be tricky to pull off for Churchills, which often start off with an uncomfortably tight draw.

Here, however, the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill was perfect.

5/5 points


On the retrohale, the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill had flavors of cream and perhaps pepper and wood. The taste was extremely light and almost nonexistent, to the point where it was difficult to detect any flavor at all.

While I appreciate a smooth smoke that can pass through my sinuses without causing any irritation, I nonetheless like to be able to detect distinct flavors. With this cigar, however, such distinctions were hard to identify. I could feel the smoke passing through my sinuses but couldn’t catch much else.

6/9 points

PDR 1878 Cubano Especial’s Flavor

The PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill had flavors of cream, herbs, and perhaps pepper. This was a very light smoke, however, and, as with the retrohale, detecting distinct flavors was difficult.

The smoke was enjoyable, but the flavors were so light as to be almost bland. It was a just ok flavor profile. There really just wasn’t enough there.

15/21 points

Aroma of the Smoke

After the initial light, the cigar’s smoke had the aroma of pepper and earth. The smoke, like the rest of the cigar, was exceptionally smooth and was delightful. It lacked a distinct enough fragrance to put it in the top-tier, but there was little about it to merit complaint.

6/7 points

The Burn

The burn was just ok. It started off uneven and never really did even up. The unevenness did, however, remain relatively consistent, so as not to get too out of control. I did, however, have to touch it up once to keep it from straying too far.

1/2 points

The Ash

The ash on the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill was kind of a mess. It frayed and split and did not maintain much consistency. It wasn’t too troubling, but it was strange and definitely not an aesthetically pleasing smoke.

0/1 point

Effect of the Smoke

I know that this is a bit of an odd category to consider. As the author of The Cigar Journal: For the Discerning Aficionado notes, however, if the best-tasting cigar in the world makes you sick, it’s not a good cigar for you. 

This area is, therefore, very personal. Some low-quality cigars will make most people sick. Still, when you’re talking about premium cigars, different people will react differently to different cigars.

The PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill left me feeling mellow and relaxed. This cigar was perfect here. For all the shortcomings of the flavor profile, the smoking experience was nonetheless exceptional.

30/30 points

PDR 1878 Cubano Especial’s Tobacco

The PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Natural Churchill showed itself to be well-made here. No flakes of tobacco found their way into my mouth at any point during the smoke.

7/7 points

PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Final Grade

Overall, I found this to be a solid B cigar, not in the top-tier, but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. At $6.60 per stick, it’s also a decent value for its quality and the experience that it provides.

I would be happy to have another one should I get the chance.

Final Grade: 85 / B

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